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    Your dog will be picked-up by me (on foot) and dropped off at your desired location(s). I OFFER A FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE THAT YOU CHOOSE WITH NO MONTHLY OR WEEKLY MINIMUM WALK COMMITMENT. The rates are: $25 for 1 hour long session or $15 for a half hour session. 5 sessions for $120 / $72 (4% discount). 10 sessions for $230 / $138 (8% discount). 20 sessions for $450 / $270 (10% discount). Neighborhoods covered include SoMa, South Beach, Rincon Hill, Mission Bay, Dogpatch, FiDi (south of Market) and lower Potrero Hill. For further details, please scroll below to the Services & FAQ section................................................................I have a 5 year old Labrador Retriever named Taylor and we have been jogging together for over 3 years now. With Taylor, jogging has been a great outlet for what seems to be her unlimited energy. I also noticed that she is better behaved and less likely to bounce off the walls when we get back to my apartment. I know this will not be the same for every dog and I also know that not all dogs are joggers. Whether it’s jogging or walking or both, my service to you is to provide a healthy and safe, on-leash exercise for your dog(s) while you are busy with your daily week-day life. I operate under the following, guiding principles.


    Your dog will be looked after and treated as if she were my own! Your dog is like a child to you. This is how I feel about my own four-legged, best friend and this is how I would want any dog professional to treat her. I will never make your dog do anything she or he would not want to do. Whether it's jogging, walking or taking the time to sniff out a tree, it's up to your dog. I practice loose-leash jogging or walking. This means the leash will always be dangling freely except for when I need to stop or guide your dog.


    Your dog's safety and well-being are my main focus. My group make-ups and the number of dogs per group will pay critical attention to such factors as the breed, size, pace & the personality of each dog. The number of dogs per group will never come close to anything for which I am not 100% sure I can manage any situation. I will also pay extremely close attention to any out-of-the-ordinary things that appear to be not-normal. For example, soft stools, change in personality or a limp. You will receive a daily note from me regarding my session with your dog.


    Your dog will be able to release much needed energy while also getting some positive stimulation in the form of a good walk or jog session from me. This can lead to a more relaxed and behaved dog for you to spend your quality time with when you get home from your busy day. Just like people, a dog who is well-exercised will generally be in a happier, more healthy state of mind and body. Also, just like with people, a well-exercised dog will generally have less medical issues as they grow older vs. a dog that is not.

    About Me

    As a Certified Dog Walker and trained Canine First Aid/CPR technician, my main focus is to provide a safe and healthy outlet for your dog’s energy. We all know that certain breeds and/or individual dogs and their life styles often require something outside the norm. Enter The Dog Jogger… My specialty is jogging dogs on-leash, however, my services also accommodate those who just like to walk as well. Ultimately it is up to the dog to set their pace. Like humans, not all dogs are joggers, right? Whether it is a walk or a jog or both, each dog will be professionally and independently assessed for their abilities and our tailored exercise routine will be fully based on both their preference and the preferences of Mom and Dad of course! Thank you in advance for visiting me on my site. I realize that you have a busy life and you may not always have the time during the work week to take your own dog out. It is my service, passion and pleasure to fulfill this need.

    "Your dog will be looked after and treated as if she were my own!"

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    A well-exercised dog is a happy dog!

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